Factors About Exterior Siding to Be Considered

The exterior of a building makes a strong first impression on first time visitors, so it should come as no surprise that home owners put much effort to make it look good. There are exterior siding ideas for all kinds of tastes. However, there are some factors that have to be considered no matter the sort of exterior siding chosen.

The first thing to decide on is how much you’re willing to spend. The cost of the exterior is not confined to just the material you use and the installation cost. You also have to consider how much maintenance will cost to prolong the lifetime of the siding. Paint is cheap and easily applied, but can flake or peel after prolonged exposure to unfavorable weather and require repainting. Cement or wood are pricier and more complicated to install, but are much more durable and are low-maintenance items that save money in the long run.

For some residential areas, exterior siding ideas may be limited by the requirements of the local housing government. Some exterior sidings may be required to comply with a specific material, such as brick. In this case, the home owner only has to choose between colors and textures. Besides cost and personal taste, other factors that influence siding material choice are the weather and climate. Paint may not be the most durable material to use in areas that experience frequent heavy rain. Wood sidings may warp and splinter in drier climates or go moldy in persistent humid conditions. Stone is a good insulator and does not expand and contract as much with temperature fluctuations.

One of the most important factors that can influence the designs is personal taste. After complying with local regulations and making sure your checkbook is balanced, there is absolutely nothing to stop you from installing pink-tinted cement siding on your home. However, a good rule of thumb for exterior siding is to ask yourself if the result will make you want to enter the home.