Exterior Siding Can Save Your Vacation

Here is some highly regarded information, facts and strategies I just found while sifting the net for property improvements. One of the most practical ways to give protection to your home and avoid the misery of painting year after year is to purchase maintenance free siding. This product installs over existing wood overhangs and gables and eliminates the need for painting. Exterior Siding makes your home look high quality and saves your vacation time for fun things instead of working during your well earned leisure time.

Many different forms of exterior siding is available. One of the most legendary is vinyl siding which has been prepared perfectly to fit the extremes of heat in the summer and cold in the winter for the Dallas / Fort Worth Texas area and other parts of the country as well. This amazing product can be installed over the existing surface, assuming it is not rotted, and will keep moisture and weather from ever touching the wood again. Because the material has a solid color throughout, even if nicked or chipped it is not noticeable. There are many styles of vinyl so that most any decor can be matched or improved. In fact, many times soffit materials is used vertically on walls to simulate vertically placed siding. Vinyl siding is an incredibly versatile product for exterior use.

Another type of exterior siding which is gaining in popularity because of it’s financial worth and wood look is Hardi Plank Siding. Hardi Plank Siding is a cement based siding that acts and seems similar to wood. Being made of cement, the deterioration because of weather is greatly eliminated as long as it is shielded. It will meet the codes requiring 95% masonry because it is cement. Thus, you can get that beautiful wood grain look on your home.

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